HP Facebook Group

HP Facebook Group

Joy Pike
(916) 220-0024


(Joy Pike)

Created in March 2020 during our coronavirus isolation, our Heritage Park Natomas Team Facebook Group continues to provide a forum for our current and former HP residents to connect and share. We announce upcoming community events, acknowledge member’s birthdays and anniversaries as a group in the month they occur. We share photo posts of our home projects, travel adventures, cartoons, art and photography, home services recommendations and requests, Heritage Park community club and committee events, and much more.

As we are a private group, for our current residents and former residents, we will only accept requests from this population. We monitor our Facebook Group closely in an effort to ensure this.

When submitting a request to join us, you must answer the following questions and agree to the following stated rules. If questions are not answered and/or our rules are not agreed upon, we will not accept those requests. We do want you to be a part of our team.


1. Do you currently live or have you formerly lived in Heritage Park Natomas? What street do you/did you live on?

2. You agree by the set rules of this group: be kind and courteous, no hate speech or bullying, private group for Heritage Park Natomas residents or former residents only, no political posts and/or comments. Posts and/or comments breaking these rules will be removed.

3. What is the month and day of your birthday and/or wedding anniversary so we can include you in our celebratory shoutout? You may also include the year if you desire. NOTE: This is an optional question.

To locate our group on Facebook, search under groups to locate our club’s name, Heritage Park Natomas Team. For any further questions, please contact Club Chair, Joy Pike, at pikej@comcast.net or 916-220-0024.